In fact, readers, please print this entire passage out, hastily duct tape it to a crowbar, and slam it twice into the largest tree you can find in your forested mid-Atlantic or New England community. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Sadly, our other friend from Olgii, Matt, decided it was time to end things a bit early and head to Cambodia for the foreseeable future. So if you were one of the people who had to listen to me convince myself that I deserve a break tomorrow, thanks. One of my new favorites, the Uvurkhangai Museum. It was quite en eventful day!

baagii tsagaan mp3

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It just got too heavy to walk up and down the mountain in.

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I opted to lose the del, as you can see in these pictures. It was quite en eventful day! Completely in Formal-Announcer-Mongolian, which can be slightly different.

baagii tsagaan mp3

I discovered last night that my carbon monoxide detector works, and my ear drums have the rupture scars to prove it. It was a bit more mellow compared to last year, probably because our m sitemates returned to America last Fall and with them went some of our connections.

They came to my ger and helped me get into my del before piling in the car and driving down to the huge monastery for a quick pre-sunrise blessing.

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They sometimes refer to the Fire God, who is traditionally thought to live inside the stove of every ger. The paintings are blown-up depictions of the rock carvings north of Undurlig that I always rant about. Just some pictures of the last few weeks and some updates. I usually go and order the only cheap option, which is a huge pile of eggs, beautifully spiced minced beef, and rice.


baagii tsagaan mp3

M3 returned to my ger and mmp3 until 5 pm. Oyunaa’s english is excellent and she is very knowledgeable about nomadic. He invited me to come celebrate Bituun with the family. I decided to lift my insulation flap and crack the door to let a little air in. We made several stops in small soums along the way and marveled at the enormity of the mountains.

The weather was incredible for the most part. This stuff, in addition to the previous installations, was all removed and locked away while the room was being painted.

After I sit for a while, I usually head north and down aways to the Wishing Tree. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the.

As you may know, getting stateside baatii and organizations to pledge books to projects like this is easy as pie. Chinzoo, me, and Zaya Egch in our dels in front of my ger.

Baagii Baagii is on Facebook. So please take my word that I see this almost every single day and am NOT lying to make Mongolia seem inhumane]. I mentioned in a previous post that Peace Corps approved my school for a SPA Grant, which means our library is well underway. Which is also where I pee sometimes.


It was raining in the desert to the south, snowing in the Khangais to the north, and about 60 with big billowy clouds in between. Always a good time. The top floor is a coffee shop with tsavaan little attic-like window enclosures and tables that are perfect for sitemate catch-ups and quick post-shopping coffee binges.

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I did, however, manage to catch a glimpse of this magical Chinese copyright infringement during the show:. At some point the clothes went back on and the barbecue commenced. The girl clutching the ger pole in the lower left is Zaya, and the guy with his hand up is Dorjoo. I was afraid it would stay barren, so as soon as the walls dried, I threw the whole thing back together in three hours. Matt and Laura down by m3p river on the outskirts of Olgii. Her side of town overlooks the valley to the East about a minute walk away from the center.

baagii tsagaan mp3