I have attended Efftronics interview at Vijayawada at the company headquarters. For each test, they give one and a half hour time. What are the topics to be prepared for the written test? Resolve technical issues related to PCB design and assists design group with solutions. Totally 4 people were shortlisted and 2 are from our college. It’s simple to set up.

efftronics previous placement papers for ece

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efftronics previous placement papers for ece

Company will pay all the deposits required to get license for individuals. Interview Actually it is a campus recruitment where the first round comprised of questions related to the core subject wherein they questions are asked on coDBMS need to tell the output of queries especiallycn and operating systems. If I am eligible for this job what are the topics I have to prepare for the written test and interview. But did not get any response from the company abt next rounds.

Efftronics Systems Interview Questions. At Efftronics, recruiting the best fog students is a top priority of our HR department. Our senior employees take time off their schedules to visit campuses and deliver lectures on the latest technologies. After completion of first TR, they told that they would inform when will be the second TR and we had to go to their company for further rounds.


Efftronics Systems Interview Questions

Salary Revision will be made at the beginning of financial year based on Performance. Get thorough with basics of all core subjects of CS. Later we were taken to doctor there is a doctor there itself in the company to conduct some physical tests and they sent us to Ramesh hospitals Vijayawada for remaining tests. Interviewer asked me to draw bridge rectifier, and architecture,c programs like palindrome and also mealey and moore design of circuits.

efftronics previous placement papers for ece

All scheduling algorithms in operating system os. Tue, Dec 12, Design a bank locker system using sequential circuits. I am a diploma ECE student. Once you clear this test You will have to face technical round1 in the next day.

efftronics previous placement papers for ece

Other is to design fot price display machine where it calculates the price based on both weight and volume of a product and should display a price of maximum one This is the condition and we need to design.

Wed, Nov 22, The process took 2 days. Efftrknics electronic schematic data for initial appraisal of proposed design and estimates hours to completion. Identifies the business requirements and the expected outcome s. So I’m writing mine. Learning All The While At Efftronics, you not only have challenging work but will also be working with one of the most talented, brilliant, hardworking workforce efftrnics the industry.


Previous years solved question papers for the post of Trainee administration and trainee accounts in Hindustan Aeronautical Limited? How many ways do you calculate height of kite flying at some distance in sky?

Efftronics Interview Placement Papers

In programming, they asked to write 2 programs. Sc computer student, May I eligible for this job. He shall be able to carry out the record upgrades. Flag this Item Cancel. Understand the design requirements Maintains and defines library symbols and footprints as per electrical engineering guidelines. This test checks your reasoning ability. After that you will be redirected to take a psychometric test which comprised of questions to be answered in 15 minutes.

The aspirants can attend the regular Walk-In that is being conducted at our premises on every working Friday. Your feedback has been sent to the team and we’ll look into it.

What is the syllabus for Efftronics company for B.